The Bedele Brewery PR disaster

Success by Scandal, Blood Beer

Not all PR campaigns hit their intended targets. In fact some PR ads and campaigns can go way far too negative and become a PR disaster, like the recent case of Badele brewery, a subsidiary of Heineken.

In this month of Dec/2013, Bedele Brewery, a local subsidiary of the Dutch beer maker Heineken NV, announced its exclusive sponsorship agreement with singer Tewodros Kassahun. Kasahun is a polarizing star in Ethiopia. He is infamously known for writing lyrics to glorify and immortalize Abyssinian past dictators whom a great majority of the country’s population describe as Hitler’s of Africa.


Boycott Bedele campaign

Disaster ensued soon for Bedele Brewery. A viral social media campaign, which goes with hashtag #BoycottBedele, went ablaze. At the beginning it was a call on Bedele Brewery management to cut ties with the infamous artist. Organizers then launched a call to boycott Heineken’s products when the Brewery refused to comment.

Badele Brewery ( Heineken)  is not alone in such PR disasters. There have been countless corporate PR disasters in the globalized world we live in, especially in the new era of digital technology. This is so true particularly when the PR carries unintended message that is racist, sexiest, or outright insensitive commercial.

In the PR disasters of recent years that I listed below, Companies have apologized for their wrongs and severed ties with their carriers.

–   In 2001, Philip Morris Tobacco giant got burnt in the blaze of public outrage when it claimed its study showed death related to smoking is financial good for the Czech government. The company faced a huge backlash from this insensitive and inhuman comment.

–   McDonald’s, Nutella and Coca cola all dropped Kobe Bryant ( Lakers star) after he was accused of sexual assault in 2003. The financial cost to the star was in tens of millions of dollars.

–   H and M cancelled ads and Channel, and also severed their ties with model Kate Moss after a London tabloid run photos of her snorting cocaine.

–    O. J Simpson, a football career professional lost a 2.5 million/ year contract with Hertz commercial, when he was charged accused of the murder of his ex-wife.  He was not convicted of course.

Heineken so far refused to comment. Quite often  companies with similar PR disaster refuse to accept wrongs until wide spread public outcry forced them to respond. Heineken’s decision to continue with their promotion no matter how disastrous it is has definitely proven to be a grave miscalculation with gravely underestimated consequences.  Perhaps the company believed their insensitive promotion causes little damage in a country where social media penetration is minimal. They might also miscalculated such unethical and immoral promotion may not find its way to the Western world where consumers are pretty  conscious of the ethics of  companies whose product they purchase. How so wrong!

Following the company’s silence, Oromos all over the world have taken out to the social media.  Tweeter, facebook, and blogs have gone ablaze with calls to boycott Heineken products nationwide. Oromo nationals living in diaspora are  sending messages  and calling their relatives, friends and community leaders to inform them to stay away from what is now labelled “blood beer”.

Though it is difficult to know the final damage to Heinaeken and its beer market share in Oromia, the campaign so far has attracted over 23,000 members in just two days. Judging by similar previous campaign to boycott Pepsi (after it failed to use Afan Oromo to brand its products in Oromia region), the result could be deadly for Heineken and a night mare for Tedy Afro. It is expected that Tedy Afro’s  “Holy WAR TOUR” will face a formidable resistance throughout Oromia and other nations and Nationalities.

Reactions in Ethiopia

For Teddy and his minority Amahara elites it is Success by Scandal.


Teddy Afro in Imperial customs

For Teddy Afro, the artist whom Bedele Brewery sponsored, any publicity is a good publicity. Teddy is very familiar with successes driven from scandals. It might seem contradictory that any form of success follows from scandals, but scandals attract attentions, and this attention is the beginning of notoriety and other successes. Teddy’s large publicity and success is the result of his notoriety. He publicly admires kings and emperors who murdered millions. He insulted the Tigrai people and  the liberation struggle of Tigrai people in which thousands paid their dear life ( Yastesariyal). In careless driving, he killed a homeless person and he bought his freedom by bribing authorities. The cynical Tedy has reportedly said the massacre of people of the Southern Ethiopia during Menilik’s campaign was a “ HOLY WAR”. In all the above incidents, negative press and criticism followed. But Teddy kept aloof. He earned a Masaya like adoration among the Amahara elites.

The core Amahara elites who support Tedy Afro’s promotion as a unifying event are celebrating their victory over the colonized South. There is a speculation that despite their loyalty to  Habesha beer, more Amaha elites  will be attracted to Bedele beer, in support of their artist  who is famed to re-incarnate emperors and kings  whom  others call genocidal  kings. Emperor Menilik II and  king H/sellassie   reminds most Amahara elites  of  the ‘golden era’ where they lived on the sweats of poor peasantry.

 For Oromo and other South Nations it is Blood Beer

Among the Oromos, the outrage is so high that more than 23,000 people in just two days have taken out  to the social media to boycott Heineken’s highly selling brand, the Bedele Beer.  The boycott crowed has created a horrifying mental image that associate Bedele Beer with the blood of martyrs ( the millions of innocent victims massacred at Calanqoo and anolee- in Oromia).  The image has begun to burn into the minds of millions of Oromo nationals who once have been loyal to the Bedele.


One of the many boycott Bedele Beer posters

Bedele Brewery  and its mother company Heineken, the protesters said, have made a choice to take side with our oppressors. We can also make a choice today. We can make a bold but simple choice not to buy their product. We must be able to refuse to finance “THE HOLY WAR”  Minilkis children are about to take to our homeland.  We can make a big difference not just in stopping Teddy and this dehumanizing promotion, but in shaping the future of our nation, simply by using our demographic majority.  Donot underestimate the cost to Bedele brewery of not buying one bottle of beer. Inform each other, that if each one of us quit buying just a bottle of beer per person, we can make multimillion dollar dent in the pocket of Heineken who opted to walk with the African Hitlers. Once again, don’t under estimate your collective power.  We can give Bedele Brewery a lesson that they can’t afford playing around with our wounds. We can force Bedele Brewery to honor the victims not the criminals. Stop the “ HOLY WAR” crusaders from re-victimizing survivors of Meniliks genocide. We can put an end to their insensitive campaign together. BOYCOTT BEDELE BEER. Protest at every village, mountain, and cities that the “ HOLY WAR” crusader Teddy Afro shows up!

Stop them from dancing on the bones and bloods of our martyrs! Down with those who condone crime and criminals.

The protesters still hope, the company apologize and severe ties with the divisive artist. Heineken have a chance to re-examine its relationship with this racist artist-Distance itself from Tedy by immediately severing ties and keep the long established friendship with Oromo nation. Until they do so , the protesters said their boycott campaign shall continue.  The next steps will be:

–     Organize a formidable protest to counter the march of “ Holy War crusaders” on the bones of our martyrs.

–   Expose Heineken’s insensitive, unethical, immoral, and inhuman promotion to Heineken’s global patrons, particularly those in Holland whose tax money sponsor Oromo nationals who are victim of repression by Ethiopian regime.

–   Contact global media outlets with global outreach to expose this insensitive promotion and shame Heineken.

At the moment, global medias have already begun covering the boycott campaign. The following is a link to one coverage from the handful of the Dutch newspapers/sites covering the #BoycottBedele.

More information:


Reincarnating Menilik? Just one step away from repeating genocide.

As hardliner Abyssinian commemorate centennial of Emperor Menilik II, the conquered Nations and Nationalities mark 100 years of colonial subjugation under successive Abyssinian rulers.

Abyssinian commemorate the epoch when their beloved emperor( Emiye Menelik –  literally translated as ‘mother Menilik’)annexed free people into his Empire.  Towards the end of 19 century, Emperor Menilik led Abyssinian’s   murderous colonial   army into the lands of Oromo, Somali,  Sidama, Kambata, Walayita,Gambella and other Nations and Nationalities.  Armed to the teeth with latest European arms, the army of Menelik annihilated millions of natives who were armed only with wooden spears. In over a decade of armed resistance, most nations and nationals outside Abyssinia proper fall under the army of Menilik.  In this colonial campaign Menilik army killed more than 5 million innocent civilians in Oromo land alone. Those who survived death were taken into captivity and sold into slavery. The remaining population were dispossessed of their lands and reduced into serfs to labor on the lands distributed to Menelik’s nobility, army and priests- until freed by death.



The brutalities of Emperor Menilik and his army were unseen and have no parallel in the African continent. The Harma Muraa( breast cutting) and Harka Mura( arms chopping) at Aanolee in Arsi region of Oromia epitomize the  cruelty and barbarity of Menilik’s army, while it also captures the greatest  human tragedy that Empire builder had carried out in expanding their empire. Today, in Oromia region, monuments are being built in memory of millions of innocent civilians murdered by Menilik and his Army. (Aanole Martyrs memorial monument and cultural center)

This very week, those who share the legacy of Menilik commemorated 100 year anniversary of Menilik in the heart of Oromia, SHAGGAR( Addis Ababa as colonialists call it). This very land where they celebrate the event is the land confiscated by Menilik from Oromo peasants and distributed to Abyssinian Orthodox church. ( click here to watch the commemoration event).  Traditionally, Orthodox Church priests were/are legitimisers of the Abyssinian throne. The Tabot( tablet) followed the army of Menilik everywhere they fought the conquered people. As such, after the conquest of free nation was completed, the Orthodox Church was granted 1/3 of every inch of the conquered land as it’s fiefdom along with the conquered peasantry as its own property.  The Orthodox priest also played essential role as ideologues of the colonial undertaking of Abyssinia. (Follow this link to read more about the role of Orthodox Church in Abyssinian politics).

For Oromo Nation and other conquered people who survived the brutalities of Menilik and his army, this hardliner Abyssinian are opening our wounds afresh. They are boldly telling us that they have no respect for the millions killed brutally during Minilk’s colonial campaign. They are re-victimizing and insulting those who survived the heinous genocide carried out by Menilik and his army. There seems nothing will stop them from repeating Menilik’s heinous crime if they get the chance.

Regardless of this evil forces shameless attempt to reincarnate Africa’s Hitler as  a benevolent Emperor,  for Oromo Nation and other conquered Nation and Nationality in the Ethiopian Empire, Menilik will remain a BULGU, a murderer, a villain , a butcher, and  a genocidal Emperor.

I summarized my comment by this African proverb. “Until the lions have their historians, tales of the hunt shall always glorify the hunter”. Jailers will continue to criminalize the innocent until free people stand up against them. The conquerors will continue to tell their glory until the conquered stands up and stop them. Free Nation Shall Prevail. Oromia Shall Be Free!

Incarnating Abyssinian Hitlers through music

article1There are people who thrive on the fame of the dead. Indeed there are people who thrive on the noxious fumes of dead zombies. One such person is Tedy Afro who continued living on the dead spirit of Abyssinian worst dictators. This article is in response to Teddy Afro’s latest Album, the album which Tedy wrongly labeled Tikur Sew.  My intention is not to educate Tedy or any other Habesha musician. The objective of this article is to indicate how Tedy abused music and also how he wronged the late Emperor Menelik II by mislabelling the Caucasian Emperor as a black man.

Purpose of music


“We are the world ” song – for African famine relief

Humanity employed music for several purposes, positive as well as negative. Music has been part of human experience in every culture and society since time immemorial. From the earliest cultures of humankind until now music has been used to express a wide range of human emotions; love, joy, celebration, sadness, anger and fear. Music has been used to inspire patriotism, incite wars and promote peace. Music played an exceedingly great role in communicating ideas to the masses with minimum resistance and it played great roles in bringing different cultures together. In this respect, music is rightly called the universal language. Ancient and modern society also employed the healing ability of music to treat patients. Music can also heal a racially, religiously, and culturally divided society.

Abuse of music


Masinqo- A single stringed instrument used by Azmari

This great purpose of music has been continuously abused by past and present Azmari Habash. Azmari musicians fail to realize that a tool as powerful as music needs to come with guidance and instructions. For a society to use the healing ability of music, they must first understand the purpose of music for human consumption. To serve its positive purpose, music is supposed to be a pure and neutral spiritual force that should serve all humanity for positive end. Regardless of their philosophy of life or worldview, gifted musician should be careful in making their work free of prejudices and hates. Most Habash musicians lack this quality of using music for positive end and have been abusing the universal purpose of music. Abyssinian music, from ancient time to present, have been composed mainly  to glorify kings, emperors, empress, war lords (like Tewodros), and those who share the bloodlines of the kings, while at the same time they despised common citizens and subjects of these emperors and dictators. Thus they employed music  to perpetuate hate message towards other ethnic groups which are outside their own narrow circle. It is out of such an unparalleled abuse of music that  Habasha musicians composed music to honor brutal dictators like Mengistu Haile Mariam, who  butchered hundreds thousands of youth during his 17 years reign.

Abyssinian’s negative music

Though Ethiopia is blessed with rich culture and music, past Abyssinian regimes have limited nations and nationalities from developing their culture and music.  Amharic music dominated the country for over a century. Prohibition of  the nations and nationalities from developing their couture was not the only problem. Even those Amharic music and musicians have been openly expressing their hatred to other cultures in Ethiopia. Amaric music itself had been dominated by Azmaris. The Azmari of Habash, i.e., Habasha traditional musicians, through their music praised Emperors and the killing squad of these brutal Emperors. These Azmaris praised one race and despised others. It can be argued that they totally missed the important role that music serves. Many of the Artists that Ethiopia has witnessed have been serving the regime in which they lived.  Modern Ethiopian musician are educated in the Azmari culture and share the same nostalgia of the past Emperors. Ethiopian music says almost nothing about the general society. No music has been composed for the common people.  Ethiopian music is dominated by odes for kings and Emperors. During Menelik, Habasha Azmari praised Menelik and his mercenary soldiers who mutilated millions of Oromos, and Sothern Nation and Nationalities throughout the empire.  During Hailesilassie, the feudal land lords who lived on the sweats of Oromo subjects received appreciation from Azmari. This trend of Azmari praising those who live on the blood of common people continued into the Dergue Era and TPLF too. During Dergue period, those who killed innocent civilians in the so called Qey Shibibir were celebrated by Azmari( musicians) of Ethiopia as heroes.

 Azmari Teddy Afro-Reincarnating the dead

Tedy and his hero

With the above background on Abyssinian negative music, I would like to say few points about Tedy Afro.  Tedy Afro, for the past few years, has been deliberately resurrecting some dead zombies, and he is making money and fame out of such dirty and unethical work. The two great Zombies that he resurrected so far are Emperor Menelik and King Hailesilassie. Anytime some one resurrect the dead, a lot of questions crop up; from political to ethical.  Is there any moral guide that stops musicians from reanimating worst dictators and mercenaries?  What is the political significance of reincarnating a barbaric mass killer like Menelik for Ethiopian people at this time? As a matter of fact, Tedy started his career from the very beginning by glorifying King Hailessilassie. This is the same king who watched in silence as millions of Ethiopians perish during the 1973 famine.

Dr.Tilahun Gessessei wrote lyrics about the agonizing pains of those Ethiopians and he wept as he played the song. Tedy Garmamo praised the king who saved millions of dollars in foreign bank while those Ethiopians suffered and perished. What a difference!

The musical piece Tedy composed for the late monarch seems to have rallied the majority of feudal elements who during the reign of king Hailessilassie lived on the bloods and sweats of the Ethiopian poor. Now that Tedy wrote lyrics and composed music for the great zombie of all time (Menelik), he qualify to be recognized as an entrepreneur who lives on the fame of dead monarchies. He is making himself name and money off the dead dictators. By doing so he successfully milked those Abyssinians who always dreamt the second coming of Hailesilassie and Menelik, but immensely disrespected millions Ethiopians who suffered in the hand of these dictators.


One may ask him/herself  what objective the young artist might have on his mind when he composed the Tikur Sew lyrics for Menelik.  We know that Menelik is not Tikur. That is to say he is not Tikur by choice, by his own preference. Menelik is not a ‘black man’ because he rejected his blackness. You don’t need any other witness other than Menelik himself to prove that he wasn’t black.  Shame on you Tedy; you tried your best to twist history just in the same way many Debteras did in the past Ethiopian history. Unfortunately, what you tried to reverse is irreversible.  Historians have documented it very well. You cannot make Menelik to be proud of his blackness. Menelik dismissed it in public. He told the whole world that he is Caucasian, not black.

‘I am not a Negro at all; I am a Caucasian’ , Emperor Menelik told the West Indian pan-Africanist Benito Sylvian who had come to Addis Ababa to solicit the Emperor’s leadership in a society for the ‘Amelioration of the Negro race.’

Haile Sellassie confirmed that view in a declaration to Chief H. O. Davis, a well-known Nigerian nationalist, stating that the Ethiopians did not regard themselves as Africans, but as ‘a mixed Hamito-Semitic people.(See John H. Spencer, Ethiopia at Bay (1984), p. 306.)

With regard to the great purpose that music plays to bring people together and minimize tension among ethnic lines, Tedy’s recent Album played the exact opposite. Oromo youth around the world have taken to facebook and other Medias to boycott the album which glorifies a mercenary who butchered our forefathers and mothers. This album is more dividing than healing Ethiopian people. In particular it is an insult to Oromo nation and Southern Nations and Nationalities. It is a complete disregard to the lives of those who were massacred by the invading army of Menelik.  It is an insult to the entire Oromo nation and South Nations who survived the genocide Abyssinian Army perpetrated against us.   It is an outrageous act of praising a criminal who inhumanly butchered millions of children, women and innocent men.

It would have been only human for Teddy to sing about the suffering of those who were sold to slavery. It is right if Teddy condemn the misery to which Menelik and other slave traders subjected millions of children, women and young people from all corners of Ethiopia.  What about the human dignity of those millions of Ethiopians who were sold to Arab slave traders?  How about Oromo mothers whose breasts were cut off by Menelik and his army? How about the millions of Oromo men whose right hands were cut off after they surrendered to Meniliks army? How is that a son of Ethiopia, who lives in 21 century praise a butcher and slave traders like Menelik  II?

That is what Abyssinians did to us, to the Nations in the Southern Ethiopia. Given the nature of Abyssinians, current or past, it is not surprising to see in market a musical piece that glorify criminals. What is so surprising is how we the victims react to such Abyssinian National Projects. Why do we buy albums that glorify the massacre of our forefathers and foremothers, our sisters and our brothers? Why would we sing to the beat of our tormentors? Why is that we fiancé Abyssinian projects which are intended to humiliate and destroy us?   Abyssinians like Tedy have been taking Big Marches of the Dead in commemorating the dead who killed our ancestors. They are celebrating the victory of evil over good. They are celebrating the death of millions of innocent children and women in the hands of mercenaries like Menelik. Then, why is that the Oromo nation and Sothern Nation failed to take March of the Living to commemorate our ancestors who perished in the hands of Menelik and his army?

Debtera Tedy, here is a brief account of the two dead zombies which you tried to reincarnated as benevolent leaders.


Haile Selassie in London during his exile from Abyssinia following the Italian invasion, 1936 (b/w photo)

Haile Selassie in London during his exile from Abyssinia following the Italian invasion, 1936 (b/w photo)

When the facts of history are written King Haile Selassie will go down as a great coward who ran away from his country to save his skin and left the millions of our countrymen to struggle through a terrible war that he brought upon natives  because of his political ignorance.  While   he was licking Europeans shoes in exile, Ethiopians were fighting Mussolini at home.  Brave Ethiopians defeated the Italian invading army. Unfortunately the mighty British installed Hailesilassie back to power.  Ethiopian patriots thought the Emperor would recognize their bravery and promote them. What that dwarf king did however was the exact opposite. He executed many of them and promoted those bandas like himself who run away to foreign land during the period of occupation.

Some say Hailesilasie’s  abandoning  of his country was the greatest historical mistake that goes down in history as  unparalleled shameful act by a seating monarch.(click here to listen)

Running away from his country when his country needed him most was not the only shame of king Hailesilassie.  He utterly denied his blackness. When Haile Selassie fled to London, Garvey tried to contact him but was snubbed, and it was reported that “the emperor did not desire any contact with ‘Negroes’ “. (The New World of Negro Americans by Harold Robert Isaacs p.153)

During the great Ethiopian famine, in which millions of our nationals in Wallo starved to death, the Emperor and his cabinets were saving millions of dollars in the Swiss Bank and lived in excess in Addis Ababa. Today, despite such shames, many Habasha musicians honor the late tyrant Emperor as a benevolent ruler of his subjects. Top among such Asmari who glorify this great dictator is Tedy Afro.


MenilkII in 1880 photo by Alfred Ilg

Emperor Menilik- Africas greatest slave trade enterpreneur

Another of Ethiopians brutal tyrant and mass butcher is Emperor Menelik who receives endless glorification form past and present Habasha Asmaris. Menlik is notoriously known in Abyssinia and around the world for mutilation of breast and hands of innocent Oromo nationals at Chalanko and Hanole in Oromia(Aanole Martyrs memorial monument and cultural center). Europeans called him the greatest slave trade entrepreneur ever known in Africa. He personally sold Ethiopians of black skin to Arab slave traders. In addition he generated income by taxing other slave traders in Ethiopia who sold millions of non-Abyssinian Ethiopians to Arab slave merchants.

Clarence writes, “Meneliks reign, first as king of SHOWA, and later as an emperor marks the watershed in the history of servile labour and slave traffic in Ethiopia.” (Clarence, page 115).  Clarence-Smith observed commercial slavery was intensifies under the government of Menilik, particularly in the newly incorporated Southern peripheries (outside Abyssinia proper). After he was crowned emperor in 1889, Menilik signed several treaties with European nations to end slave traffic in Ethiopia.  These include the Anti-slave provisions in the Ethio-Italy treaty of Wuchale and the 1889-1890 General Act of Brussels Conference on slavery.  In the next decades Menelik promulgated several acts to abolish slavery; just the same way TPLF included several citizens’ right in the current Ethiopian constitution. Yet he (Menilik) continued with slave trade precisely for two reasons.


Oromo slave children on their arrival in Yemen, the children were looked after by local families and missionaries
Source: Cory Library, PIC/A 1320 “Galla slaves at Shaik
Ottoman” near Aden

 First the reach booty, in the from of slaves, he used extract from the newly colonized Oromo, South Nation and Somali land was irresistible (Clarence, page 116). He used the plunder from non-Abyssinian Southern captives (Oromo, South Nations, and Somali) to sustain royal finance. Clarence wrote that between 1878 and 1882 Menelik paid a punitive yearly tribute of 200,000 thalers(dollars) to Emperor Yohannes.  Menelik sustained such financial commitment by taxing commercial slave traders. In the late 1880 custom duties on slaves, at thalers(dollars) as they entered Shawa and again as they left Shawa, was estimated to raise more than 10,000 thalers( dollars) per year.

The second reason for Meneliks reticence to end slavery was his financial commitment to European arms dealers. Menilik relied on income form slave trade to purchase arms from European traders such as Soleillet, Chefnaux, Bremond, and Labatat( Clarence Page 116).


AANOLEE MARTYS MEMORIAL MONUMENT – Emperor Menelik cut breasts of women and arms of men at Anole.

Teddy and many Abyssinians glorify the human tragedy that the Southerners were subjected to after occupation. During the raid, conquest and occupation of Oromo land, thousands of free Oromo men, women, and children were seized and enslaved by Menilik and his commanders.  Clarence describes the process of enslavement as follows.   “ Menelik’s expeditions into the Southern Ethiopia set a ferocious pattern. As Shawan forces razed entire districts, they usually kill male defenders and enslave their wives and children.  Menelik gained half the plunders and the captives; his generals and soldiers divided the rest according to rank.”(Clarence, page 117). This is the king which Tedy Afro glorifies and wrote epic poems to immortalize him. The children and women, the millions, who were deprived of their lives, their liberty, their dignity, and sold into slavery have no place for Teddy and other Abyssinian racists.

After the Oromo land was completely subdued, Emperor Menilik continued his territorial expansion to produce more captives.  Clarence notes, “ In Walamo in 1894, Ethiopian forces seized 15,000-20,000 prisoners, of whom the Emperor took 1800 as slaves. Raids on the new colonial land( non-Abyssinian ) land persisted even after 1900.

Teddy Afro and many Habasha musicians who glorify Menlik II, Mengistu Hailemariam and King Hailesilassie are not ignorant of the wrongs that these brutal rulers have subjected the Oromo people and the South Nations and Nationalities. They know more than we know. They know more than the victims, how Habesha leaders subdued and converted the non-Abyssinian Ethiopians into their subjects. In fact Tady Afro believes the killings that Emperor Menilik carried into the Oromo land is a holy war. 

   The killing of millions of children, women and innocent civilians in the formation of Empire Ethiopia is a heroic action that most Abyssinians are proud of, not just Tedy Afro.  That is why all Habasha Azmari never mention the brutality of kings and emperors. That is why they never mention in their poetry or music about the suffering of ordinary people. That is why Habasha musician don’t know how to write poems that uphold justice, rule of law, and human rights. That is why Habasha musicians are not able to compose music about equality of human kind, freedom to life, freedom to expression, and equality of nations and nationalities.  The music of a Habasha man and women is all about the unity of Ethiopia and those Emperors who rules that Empire, regardless of how brutal these rulers were/are and how the territorial integrity of Ethiopia tramped on the natural right of nations and nationalities.

Such abuse and misuse of music leaves negative impact on society. Its trail paves ways for destruction of future generation. Due to lack of knowledge Azmarian negative music of Habash has driven society down a path it was never meant to travel. I can argue that they contributed immensely to build mistrust among good Ethiopians than love and unity. Tedy‘s recent work is the worst divisive music ever.


2. The Economics of the Indian Ocean Slave Trade in the Nineteenth Century, 1989, W. G. Clarence-Smith.

Birtikuan’s Journy; from dawn to dusk

Pre- election 2005

The vaguely known naïve lawyer came to the light of publicity when she released one Tigray mafia on bail. She released a hardliner Tigrean mafia named Siye Abraha on bail from detention and as a result made herself a deadly enemy of another Tigrean mafia which ruled the country. That gave her immediate popularity in the empire, particularly among power hungry Abyssinians whose spirit of ruling the country was irreversibly crushed during the socialist revolution in Ethiopia.

That was when ruminants of the feudal children, who at the time mobilized themselves under the name CUD, saw opportunity in the young naïve Oromo lawyer, to come back to throne. Father Naftenyas used Oromos for their political goals since the time of Menelik. It is unforgettable that Menelik himself used prominent Oromo leaders and horse mensuch as Gobana and Habtegiorgis Dinagde to crush the Oromo nation to effectively colonize them. After helping Menelik crush all Oromo forces and Sothern nations, Gobana was systematically eliminated. At this time in history again, the CUD leaders needed a mobilizing leader from among the Oromo, or at least with an Oromo blood, a leader that not only rally Abyssinians, but also certain section of the ’defiant’ Oromo mass.

Birtukan has been picked as a mobilizing candidate for various reasons from zero ground. First, the Oromo nation has been infected with Oromo nationalism and no body seems to listen to the unity and “Emiye Ethiopia’ cries of father Naftenyas. Second, she gained immense support from Siye supporters, potentially deadly to the mafia on power. Third, she was a young and educated woman with good political future. Thus, she could be effectively used as pawn on a chase board for Abyssinians planned action against the TPLF government. Indeed she played excellent role in rallying youth in Addis and many other major cities in Ethiopia for the 2005 election in which CUD won considerable parliamentary seats.

The scenario in which Birtukan found herself was but different from what happened to Gobana. In her case, her handlers failed long before waging war against TPLF. Long before they even made sure of taking power from Meles, Father Naftenyas were having internal dispute over who takes which ministerial dock. Sources close to high level party leadership says, the closed door war between the Fit-awuraris (naftenyas) did not involve Birtukan

Post 2005 election

After TPLF outmaneuvered them in the 2005 bloody election and put most CUD leadership in detention on charges of treason, coup d’état and genocide against the Tigrean race, their inflated ego was soon deflated and it took them only few months to apply for pardon. One by one, they kissed the King’s( Meles- Yohannes II)feet and collected their latter of pardon. Technically they have admitted to all charges brought against them by the state. Thus, repeating the same mistakes is ending up in jail for life time, which means all of them technically resigned from politics, well except for the heroine, now given a status of Mandela. If only this ignorant people knew what Mandela stood for, they wouldn’t dare this shameful parallelism.

The CUD leadership was smart to ask for state pardon. Why should they suffer in jail!?After all, their goal had never been serving the interest of those poor Ethiopians whom they rallied only to abandon them in the shower of TPLF bullets!!!! Their ultimate goal had been riding the wave of hope that ordinary Ethiopians dreamed and come to power. They have exploited the misery and hopelessness of unfortunate Ethiopian youth who were unemployed and eager for a better day. They impressed these unfortunate class of society with empty hope that they could never able to fulfill, because it was proven when they requested for pardon from a government that accused them of crimes that they claim they did not commit. These are forces who dreamed to bring back the past glory for few divinely blessed people who were legitimate ruler of Ethiopia. They were not leaders who were there for common people. If Birtukan is a leader that she claims to be, a leader with better vision for Ethiopia, then she had been with wrong group in the first place.

Birtukan’s Empty Bravado

After all CUD leadership sought pardon and left Kalitti, they all kept their mouth shut and never dared to speak the terms of their release. They all acknowledged they sought pardon not only by signing their terms of release, but by shamefully bowing to the prime minster, in the presence of elders and full coverage of media. Apparently, there seems to be only one exception, one woman was stubborn like a mule to acknowledge her terms of release. She, in public, denied presence of such terms, and actually said she never signed nor bowed to the prime minster. I think that was a clean lie and it constitutes an offence to the trust and innocence of Ethiopian people. It is simply not in Meles’s nature under such circumstances to make exception and he has never released her without forcing her sign that letter.

She travelled from continent to continent, from North America to Europe, telling friends and foes that she had never asked for pardon, and had been released without confessing the crimes she was charged with: treason, genocide, and coup d’état. She even gave interview with VOA and reached to the Ethiopian public telling them that her party had actually won the election and that the government in Addis Ababa was an illegitimate government. Empty Abyssinian bravado!

Second Level of excitation and Burtukan’s madness

The father Naftenya , who recruited Birtukan for the holy war against TPLF promoted Birtukan now to the highest national honor. They clapped hands for her, throw red carpets and glorified her at all stages. Little did the naïve politician knew that they were only preparing her for next round of war, were she might simply become pawn causality in the political war between Yohaneses and Meniliks.

At the time when pardoned CUD leaders like Birehanu Nega were in exile and dreaded returning back to Ethiopia, Birtukan’s decision to fly to Bole was simply paranoid or she must have been acting under duress from the pressure put on her by Father Naftenyas, through excessive glorification. She was told “ you are the only one to save Ethiopia”. Money had been put into her bank account and she even does not know who put the money there! A brand new four wheel drive car awaited her on her first release from detention, just in remembrance of her sacrifices. An unknown source bought her a villa and the gifts she receives were simply endless! These are heavy burdens to ignore. She really owes too much to the Ethiopian public. In effect, they have successfully excited her for the holy war. A sacrificial lamb has been prepared! Orii Abdarii!!!

Second detention

Excited like an electron in the outer most shell of an atom, the naïve politician, a pawn on the chase board of Fit-awerari’s power game, returned home, thinking that TPLF would not point a finger at her. The reason for this misconception is the following. First she was convinced by grand Neftenyas that they can rally Ethiopians all over the world and at home, should TPLF dare detaining her. That, she was told, has a tremendous political advantage for a party she was leading. Second, she was convinced the international pressure groups will secure her release, should the TPLF detain her.

What she failed to figure out was that these feudal elements that misinformed her were ignorant of the reality in Ethiopia at the time. They were out of touch with the common Ethiopian people. They still see Ethiopia through feudalistic political, economical and social model of the emperor time, which miserably failed to explain even the 1960s needs, let alone solve that of this millennium.

Father Naftenyas had no idea that the Ethiopian people had already felt betrayed by the CUD leadership such as Birehanu, Lidetu, Hailu shawel and others , who surrendered to few days detention and sought pardon from a man who jailed them on what they claimed false accusations. Hundreds of civilians’ lives were lost in support for this traitor and defeatist group. Hundreds of thousands more were detained and made economically destitute. One must ask why these CUD traitors think they had the support of Ethiopian people after such shameful deceit. It is simply clear that these traitors had taken for granted the support of Ethiopian people, even when they changed their conviction several times in few weeks. These Naftenya elements think the great majority of Ethiopians are not aware of their power game. It should have been clear to them that CUD was dead; it was completely finished when the so called leaders sought pardon, confessed crime against state and the Ethiopian public.

Birtikan’s confidence in international pressure group was also in vain. The international pressure groups she confided in were no where to rescue her at the time she wanted them most. The reason was that Meles Zenawi knew 100% how the Western world democracy operates. Manipulating polls, rigging election, intimidating opposition parties and killing citizen are all allowable and justifiable when national security is under question. Tell the Westerners that it was a fight against terrorism. That takes care of every thing.

Every time his regime committed crime against humanity, Prime minster Zenawi justified by jumping onto the bandwagon of terrorism. He murdered thousands of Oromos and jailed hundreds of thousands under this simple phrase. The West had no problem protecting him. They are fighting the same evil. That is why they were in Iraq, and now they are fighting in Afganistan. Meles had been in Somalia and Kenya, Killing Oromo nationals under this war against the evil of terrorism. At one point he threatened the world power that Ethiopia would suffer genocide that would make Rwandan case just a small tribal clash, if his government is not elected. He also advised the West that Ethiopia and the entire region would fall under Osma bin laden if his Christian kingdom is not supported on her war on terrorism. The West listened, and they doubled their support, military support to crush the so called terrorists. Those who were labeled terrorists and massacred in Ethiopia were Oromo children who sought freedom from this dictator.

Meles become expert in manipulating Western media. He successfully used them for his advantage. Journalist from BBC and Reuters to CNN talked about his sharpness of tongue and his good leadership. Some American presidents named him as new breed of African leader. Others invited him to great summits such as G20 summit and Environment summit in Europe. This man became very aware that Western democracy values are void and null when it comes to national interests of nations.

Birtukan did not realize these!!!!! She felt she was protected. In any case, her decision to return home after denying state pardon resulted in her immediate detention and sharing of Kalitti prison with thousands of Oromo political prisoners for the past four years and feel their pain.

Birtukan Mandela

On her release some of her supporters who herd the name Mandela crowned Burte as Abyssinians Mandela. What do Mandela and Birtukan have in common? Honestly nothing or not much. Mandela was a freedom fighter. Birtukan is a king maker. And these kings were colonizers themselves and their struggle is to colonize free people once again. How can one compare the two?

I am happy that Birtukan is now free. All her supporters are rejoicing. Her families are glad to have their daughter back home.

There is one thing I want to know. She was detained denying state pardon. Did she request for one and now granted? Both during her first release and this time, elders were involved. How are the current terms and conditions, on which she was released, differ from those of the previous terms and conditions? Did she kiss king Zenawi’s feet, like Hailu Shawel and others? Didn’t she bow to the premier? How about having a cup of coffee with Qedamawit Emembet Azeb Mesfin Burteye?

It is a public secret that the first lady negotiated release of Teddy Afro, another ignorant CUD activist. Nothing is impossible.

In the whole drama of the Abyssinian politics, we see clear marginalization of the great majority, the Oromos. From the entire process of CUD leaders in general and Birtukan’s release in Particular, we observe Oromos are not only at odd with their Abyssinian rulers but also with the Western world as well.

Birtikuan has moved to the USA after her release from TPLF dungeon and I think she has been working on her studies in the area of law and democracy. Sadly enough she is an willing to let go the one- country- one language rhetoric that her Amahara mentors baptized her with. She still preaches nations and nationalities should abandon their language and adopt Amharic  She still uphold the territorial integrity of the empire over the rights and freedom of nations kept captive in this empire. I hope she will grow out of it with time.

The voiceless Oromos

a) Partiality of CUD supporters

The CUD camp is rejoicing on birtukans release. From her arrest to her release, Abyssinians in diaspora have done a lot in lobbying the Western power to put pressure on Ethiopian government for the release Birtikuan. We know that the Qalitti prison in which Birtikuan had been detained for few years is also home of thousands of Oromo prisoners who had been languishing there since the 1991 transition period. If these naftenya elements feel about the pain of all Ethiopian, Oromo or Amahara, how come they failed to say a word about these prisoners? Is that because they are Oromos who were detained for rejecting Abyssinians colonial system? If so, why don’t you Habash abandon the concept of one Ethiopia, for you cannot force Oromos to be one with you under such circumstances???

Engineer Mesfin Abebe, Engineer Tefahun Chamada , Parliamentarian Bekel Jirata, Journalist Lalise Wadajo….. and thousands of Oromo nationals whom TPLF sentenced to death and life in prison without parole have no single voice in this camp. Such are people who advocate for the unity of Ethiopia. It is a tragedy! I think they are talking about Ethiopia without any Oromo in it.

b) Partiality of Elders

Ever since the so called elders started negotiation with the Ethiopian government for the release of CUD leaders, they kept a safe distance from speaking about the case of OLF prisoners. Speaking about Oromos seems impractical for these elders. Are we not children of Ethiopia? If not why don’t these guys leave us alone? History will judge them in future for their inaction when they could have equally eased the pain and suffering of Oromo prisoners as well.

While the so called elders spent a lot of time and energy to secure release of CUD leaders, they paid no attention to Oromo nationals whose only crime was speaking about their freedom. The pro CUD elders who advocated for the release of the CUD leadership believe that whether under CUD or TPLF, Oromos are dangerous forces to Ethiopia. Otherwise, how is that possible for these elders to fail to feel the pains of Oromo girls and boys who suffer in almost all Ethiopian detention centers? Do they think Oromos are aliens in this empire? How long will this partiality continue? Oromos had been treated as second class during Menili, during Hailaselasie, during dergue and now during TPLF. The pain of the Oromo nation doubles when the so called elders ignore Oromo prisoners and advocate only for their children.

c) Partiality of the West

The West has been proven to favor Abyssinians since the time of the Berlin conference. Abyssinians have successfully played the Christianity and anti Arab card since then. At that time, nations such as France , England and many others armed Menelik against the Oromo and openly stated support for the Abyssinian Christendom over the ” pagan” south.

In this 21st century, the West has again sided with Abyssinians. Under the cover of fighting terrorism, they have been arming the Zenawi regime that kills Oromo children in this very name of terrorism. They promoted Zenawi as their important ally in the war on terrorism and gave an elephant’s ear to all brutal human right abuses and atrocities that this government has been perpetrating against the Oromo nation.

When thousands of Oromo nationals have been killed and detained, the media coverage the west gave to the sufferings of these Oromo nationals has been next to none. Yet, the detention of one opposition leader ( Birtukan Midhaksa)who poses almost no challenge to the Zenawi government has been given huge media coverage. It is clear that this preferential treatment resulted from long relationship between the West and the Abyssinian elites who has been dominating the empires political sphere since the fall of Oromo nation and integration into Abyssinia. It is also a kind of game to present Ethiopia as a country where democracy is taking root despite challenges that opposition parties face.

Message to all free Oromos

Abyssinians power struggle over Oromia resource will never end unless we put an end to it. In the past four decades, we as nation have identified our friends and our enemies. The World has no place for the weak. We have received clear message from Ethiopian powers and world powers. We are the only one who can define our future. Abyssinians and the West do not want to see free Oromia and free Oromo children. It is up to the Oromo sons and daughters to fight this century old evil. We are the only ones to set ourselves free. The overall political process in Ethiopia indicates that the only viable solution that relief the Oromo nation from its current misfortune and also from future political and economical tragedy under the Ethiopian empire is to succeed from Abyssinia. Many Oromo nationals have tried in vain to reform Ethiopia and it seems our problems are getting from bad to worse. It is time that Oromo nationals come together and redefine our position in the Horn Africa clearly. It is only because we agreed to disagree that some of our brothers and sisters are used against our own interest; our national goal. We must liberate our sisters in the enemy camp. We must liberate our brothers in the enemy camp. Let’s help them fight against their handlers. The future is in our hand. Oromia shall be free!!!!!

Garbi, The Dymistifier!



 AbyssiniaN MYTHS !

Every nation has myths, superstitions, legends and tales. The national history of most countries in the world however is different from myths and superstitions. The case of Ethiopia seems different. In history classes, from high school to university, the education system teaches mythology. History book were derived from myth . An Habash history Professor at Addis Ababa university teaches myths. No body seems to save the country from these myths. Let me share some of these Ethiopian myths, which are taken as reality in most Habesha Ethiopian minds.
1). Connection to the Legendary queen of Sheba

Queen Sheba is a mystic figure. The Hebrew biblical account indicates there had been a trade relationship between the legendry king Salomon and an unnamed queen from the land of SHEBA. It was not indicated in this account where this land of SHEBA is. The Hebrew biblical text contains songs which some people interpret as a romantic relationship between the two.
In Arab and the Holy Quran, the same queen is referred to as Balqis, and she worshiped sun god and later king Solomon converted her to Islam. (1) The country over which she ruled was however not clear.
Historians trace queen Sheba to the Nile valley civilization, i.e, the Nubian civilization, to which Greek writers referred as Ethiopian. Some historians argue that the ancient Egyptian name Hatshepsut translates as “Queen of Sheba”.
Hatshepsut was a pharaoh of Egypt, born c. 1508 and died 1458 B.C., who revived active trade with neighbouring kingdoms and created a flourishing and prosperous economy for her eighteenth dynasty kingdom. She also is related to have had a grand palace on “a very large island” called Meroe, located someplace near the Nile river.(3)

In Holy Bible, Jesus Christ refers to her as the “queen of the South”(2) , and South of where Jesus was teaching is simply Egypt, not Yemen or current day Abyssinia for that matter.
There is this corrupt Abyssinian account of the legendary queen, in which this crafty Abyssinian Debtras claim queen Sheba as one of their own. I say their claim is corrupt because there are historical gaps between when the legendary queen ruled and the existence of this fake nation, which calls it self Ethiopia today. British scholarEdward Ullendorff, holds that it is a corruption of “Candace“, the Ethiopian queen( “the Nubian”) mentioned in the New Testament Acts; the other group connects the name with Macedonia, and relates this story to the later Ethiopian legends about Alexander the Great and the era of 330 B.C.E.
It is fake because the narrative of the Kibera Negest(an ancient compilation of Ethiopian legends) has no parallel in the Hebrew biblical history. If what Habesha people tell the world in kebera is true, there should be a similar account in the Hebrew bible. Kibera Negest, which is dated to only seven hundred years and relates a history of Makeda and her descendants asserts that King Solomon is said to have seduced the Queen of Sheba and sired her son, Menelik I, who would become the first Emperor of Ethiopia. What a disgrace to the Ethiopian nation and nationality than this hand made history!! A fabricated history , which has actually noting to be proud of!. Why has a queen of a sovereign country goes thousand miles to sire a child? Were there no men in her country? Even , worse, why is any Habesh proud of her!? After all she has cheap exchanged their throne to a foreigner for sexual thirst.
If someone in Britain, North America, or Canada tells you that something “is queen of SHEBA”, it simply means that it is false.

2) Blood line link to the Juda Tribe

The last of the so called Solomon Dynasty in Ethiopia was a tiny man by the name Teferi Mekonin. His late father Ras Mekonin was a peasant who lived around Gara Muleta and later become a military man. This man has no connection with the Solomon dynasty. His parents were ordinary farmers around Gara Muleta. . Mekonin was named Gudisa by his parents, but renamed by the Anysinian upon assimilation. When he became an emperor, Teferi renamed himself Haile Silasie. Other Habesha kings have similar fake history. Here is the full title of this fake king. King of Kings, Lord of Lords, Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah, Elect of God and Power of theTrinity. The entire title is fake. The Abyssinians Solomon dynasty link to King Solomon is based on the fake stroy of queen of Sheba discussed above.
3). 3000 years of civilization
The Earth is about 4.6 billion years old. How old our civilization is depends on what you consider “our civilization”. Modern humans, Homo sapiens , appeared about 130,000 years ago. The area between the Tigris and Euphrates in what is now Iraq is often called the “Cradle of Civilization”, but it is thought that more civilizations developed around the same time in the fertile crescent. According to archaeologists the world civilization is estimated to have began between 10,000 B.C. and 4,000 B.C, but there were agricultural settlements as early as 12,000B.C.
So , one must not be surprised by the Abyssinians claims of having 3,000 years of civilization. What we must reject however is that the Habesha who settled on the current day Ethiopia does not have a history of 3,000 years. This colonizing force came to the main land Ethiopia, just the other day. It was in 1888 that the colonizing forces of Menlik destroyed the free nations in the South and integrated them into their old Abysinian empire which existed few hundred years before that point in history. Civilization can not die over night. There is no archaeological trace that link Habesh to visible human civilizations.
Like many other myths developed by Depteras, the three thousand years of civilization slur is another myth in which Abyssinians prefer to live comfortable naked.

4). Habesha Calendar:

Habesha people has never invented any calendar. What they used, and what they are currently using as legitimately their own calendar is a Julian calendar. The Julian calendar is a reform of the Roman calendar, which was introduced byJulius Caesar in 46 BC, and came into force in 45 BC. It came to Ethiopia along with Coptic Orthodox church. When the rest of the world adopted the Gregorian calendar, the Habesha Monks remained with the old calendar. An Habesha man/ women brags and sometimes confidently confront you that Abyssinia is the only country in Africa to have her own calendar. Most of them are ignorant who are completely brainwashed by their ignorant Debtera writers even to figure out that the calendar they are using is not theirs. It was a foreign thing and they don’t realize this. How does one make glory out of using Julian Calendar when the whole world use Gregorian? That is how Abyssinians proud themselves and drive their ego of superiority over other African countries.
5) The Only Uncolonized Nation in Africa

This is true. There is another bigger truth though. Abyssinia is the only BLACK NATION THAT COLONIZED OTHER BLACK NATIONS BY THE HELP OF EUROPEAN COLONIZERS. Abyssinians are the only African nation who participated in the Berlin conference where great European nations agreed to scramble Africa. Emperor Menlik was represent on the conference as a Christian brother who must not be subjected to the Swords of the great European nations. They helped Menlik with weapons which he used to colonize free nations. With the weapons that he got from these European colonizers, Menilik massacred free Southern nations and reduced them to his subjects. He then became the largest trader in slave(free people from the new colony) from which he become the richest emperor of the time. Slavery was later Abolished when British enforced the law on most slave trade routes.
The proud Abyssinians who talks about being not colonized by European forces have kept it secret as much as possible to mention the free people they have colonized to this day. They have portrayed themselves as icon of freedom for the entire continent, when in reality they have destroyed free nations and subjected them to slavery. That is why they are fake empire , who portray herself as icon of freedom, but practiced slavery, and colonization.
Today this fake empire is crumbling. This icon of slavery and epitome of Blackmans colonizer in the entire world is falling. There are many liberation forces fighting these empires to free their people. Free people will never fall.

6) The only African Country to invent her own Alphabet

This is another big and naked lie invented by Abyssinian elites to make their tribe feel good. Habasha people use GEEZ script. They did not invent it. They borrowed it, but they failed to acknowledge from where they borrowed it. This is nothing less than professional plagiarism. The inventor of Geez Script are Ancient Yemeni people. GEEZ was developed from the Proto-Sinaitic script, also known as Proto-Canaanite, an alphabetic script of a number of Middle Bronze Age inscriptions in the SinaiMiddle Egypt, and Canaan. There is therefore no script that Abyssinian Deptera invented and be proud to contribute to the world civilization.
One must therefore help our Habesha brothers and sisters so that they break the century old myth and liberate themselves. One thing is certain about Habesha Ethiopians. They want to have glory which I think is missing in their past history. That is why they live in mythology. Humanity honours those who are proud of what they are. There is no need to create such myth to be accepted as civilized nation in the face of the world. The world judges you by what you have contributed to the progress of humanity. Towards that end, Abyssinians are poor performers. Their human right record is poor. Their structural development is poor. They have never invested in the future. The feudal Habesha lords ate and lived on the sweats of the Oromo and Southern nations peasantry. Under Menilik regime , Abyssinians were slave traders. It was only by the help of Britain that he was finally forced to abolish slave trade. Under King Selassie, the Abyssinian elites lived on the sweats of the colonized people and denied them equal opportunity. They prohibited all nations systematically from attending higher education. They imposed Amaric language on nations and nationalities and destroyed their cultural heritages. The Orthodox church being a national church, she participated in state sponsored destruction of the Oromo heritages. Naturally, an Habesha man/women is remarkably a racist. These have been documented by many writers, specifically Habesha writers themselves. What the Habesha Debteras wrote in the past to ridicule Oromo people and other nations and nationality is a living witness to how Habesh is a racist man/women. In addition, they refer to other Afrikaners as “Tikur”, which is equivalent to black, Niger.
Liberating themselves from these myths and biases will help Abyssinians to be accommodated positively by others and help them be good player in the future of the crumbling empire.

2). Matthew 12:42. Daniel 11:5
3).Giovanni Boccaccio, Famous Women translated by Virginia Brown 2001, p. 90; Cambridge and London, Harvard University Press; ISBN 0-674-01130-9;